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fictionland's Journal

Fiction Land - A landcomm for all things writing
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Welcome to fictionland!
This is an interactive community modeled after many other land comms, except this comm is centered around writing such as original writing, fanfiction, etc. If you like to write fanfiction or original writing, this is your land comm!!

- 95% of the challenges will be writing challenges, word games, and so on.

- You must participate in at least ONE challenge every two weeks. If you do not, you will be cut from your team and if you re-apply you may not get back on your same team.

- Absolutely NO bashing of any pairings, actors, fics, members, etc!!! The rule "treat others the way you'd like to be treated" applies here!! Have fun!

How to participate:
1. First go read the above general rules and then go read the FAQ.
2. Next go here and apply for a team, either Mystery, Romance or Drama. The team name has no baring on what you write!
3. After a mod has given you a team, you must go here to accept the community invite. You will receive 3 invites, one for fictionland, your team and the social community.
4. Check the lists of current challenges and get participating!

*** Spreadsheet format was taken from castleland, credit goes to them!

Phase One: June 5- September 5th
Layout; Profile; LINK 3;